When you design and build an eHaus Passive House, you are creating a lifestyle where you will never again be concerned about heating bills, will live in a climate that is perpetually at the right level, while making a huge reduction in power consumption.

Each individually designed eHaus uses site specific climate data, combined with world leading Passive House technology to create the ultimate in comfort and sustainable living, whilst reducing heating bills by up to 90%.

Less Energy, More Savings

An eHaus Passive House typically saves between 70-90% of your heating bill.  We know that historically power bills double approximately every 10 years, so the chance to reduce that is going to benefit you from day one, and ultimately deliver great savings.

More Comfort, Better Health

An eHaus Passive House will ensure you are living at the right temperature, between 20-25C in every room, every day of the year, whilst also delivering optimum levels of humidity to create the healthiest indoor environment available.

Imagine relaxing in your beautifully comfortable home, knowing you have created the healthiest environment for you and your family to live in.

Design Better, Build Smarter

We believe “better by design” is a philosophy that applies to house building.  Accordingly we work with specially trained Passive House qualified architects and designers to create the home you want, with world leading performance, which we can predict before we start building.

Time spent at the design and planning stage is a wise investment.  Let’s sit down together with our design team and start planning your eHaus Passive House.

We have access to existing Passive House designs, which can be modified to suit your individuality, or we can work with you to create your own personal design using the full Passive House architectural capability in the eHaus Design Hub.

Architecturally Designed Homes

Both QBuild partners have specialised in creating beautiful architecturally designed homes.  From beach front living on Waiheke Island, stunning contemporary builds incorporating curved wall concrete architecture, through to complex builds on difficult landscapes in inner city Wellington, the team love building beautiful homes which match your aspirations for living.

To make this happen, on time and on budget, requires a number of critical success factors which QBuild can bring to your building project including:

A Clear Design Brief

Any good project starts with a clear brief. Building your own home is a detailed and complex undertaking. Accordingly the first critical aspect around the build is to create a clear view to share with all parties, which contains your detailed thoughts on the project.

If you’re not sure where to start, read our 7 Steps to Planning Your Build , then book a free consultation with one of our team and let us guide you through the process.

A Team Approach: Client – Builder – Architect Engagement

Our experience shows the best builds happen when the client, builder and architect/designer are working together at the earliest stage of a project. A builder can help the architect understand the difficulties of the site layout, access, soil conditions etc, and the architect can bring out the design elements that are important to the client.

Great Project Management

Undoubtedly building a home can be a complex project.  QBuild brings the latest Project Management software, along with the experience of managing hundreds of projects, to give you the assurance that any issue that can be seen ahead of time will be, and those that arise along the way, will be dealt with quickly, professionally and in a mutually agreeable way.

A Quality Building Team

For many years Mike and Chris have gathered teams of highly respected and experienced sub-contractors to ensure only the best people are working on your home. Everyone they employ shares their own values of a top-quality, no-compromise approach and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Design and Build

We have a series of house plans available, for those looking to build soon and not wanting to work with an architect. We have access to some well-placed and highly desirable sections, or can work with your own land, and our plans can be adapted quickly and cost effectively. We have found that many clients are happy to work with an existing design, to which they can add their own personal touches and individuality.

Take a look at the range available at Certified Plans and let us know if there are any that you’d like to discuss further. All designs can be modified to your own personal requirements.

Leaky Home Restoration

Leaky homes are an unfortunate blot on the house landscape in NZ. A leaky home is a miserable home. Ask Mike Craig. Mike is a vastly experienced builder, and board member of Certified Builders NZ. He has been building quality homes for nearly thirty years, and has developed a real expertise in repairing and restoring leaky homes, by doing it once and doing it right.

Over a number of years Mike has developed great knowledge and insight to help clients through the legal, financial and consent process of repairing and restoring their leaky home, and has created a reputation as the go to guy for renovating your leaky home.
So if you wish to repair your leaky home, either for sale, or just to make it into the home you really want it to be, talk to Mike, about his work in this area.